IMG_3381 (2)IMG_3380IMG_3372 (2)IMG_3362IMG_3390IMG_3374IMG_3392Sweetees Dress, Chanel BagNordstrom Hat, Sbicca Boots, Miriam Merenfeld + Vintage Necklaces

There’s been construction on my block for the last couple of weeks {remember this?}.  It is so loud that when I walk past the area on the sidewalk my body actually shakes and my teeth bang into one another.  The adage of ‘if you can’t beat them join them’ makes absolutely no sense here yet I’m still going to try to fit the square peg into the round hole and say that’s what I was doing.

The weather continues to be a little off.  It’s so humid that my hair is taking on all new kinds of sloppy so a hat seemed like a necessary addition. Plus it added a little thug life to this otherwise overly feminine {for me} dress. This dress is definitely an oldie but a goodie.  I’ve had it for about 5 years but never wore it; since I haven’t been feeling much like color I whipped it out and actually loved it.  The length is just such a perfect mix up to the norm and the color blocking is lovely.

I want to take a minute to call another piece here…I’ve been wearing this horizontal bar necklace just about every day.  You can’t quite see in this photo {I’ll take a close up soon, promise} but it says “Jonathan” which is the Majors name.  I’d been looking for a name-plate for ages but didn’t want to go the traditional route {a la Carrie’s necklace in Sex and the City} because I wanted something delicate that could be layered with other necklaces. Well this gem is from Miriam Merenfeld and I adore it; I think it’s such a cool, modern take on the classic.  Plus I literally get asked about this piece every day!

Now if I look miserable in these pictures it’s only because I am momentarily due to the noise.  LaLaLa…I love New York <3