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Kitson Lace Maxi Skirt, Forever 21 Cropped Tank, Steve Madden Booties, Miriam Merenfeld Name Plate Necklace

I called this post serendipity because I think all the circumstances surrounding it were just that.

I was in LA for work in February and went into Kitson on a whim. This was the last of these skirts and it was a size L but I thought it was worth trying.  Turns out it was perfect {and serendipitous} because if it hadn’t hung so low on my hips it would be too short.  I turned to my Boss who was shopping with me and said, ‘what do you think?’.  She said, ‘looks like Stevie Nicks, don’t like it’.  ‘Stevie Nicks?!? SOLD’. So magical event #1.

#2-After a four month rain-run, New York has decided to show us the sun.  It’s been about 100 degrees all week which I love. The winter almost scares me away every year but the thought of warm weather street romping always keeps me hanging on.  We went for a walk last night and the sun was literally glowing over the river and onto the west side.  The light shining through the skirt highlighted why it is such an amazing piece.

And then booties in the heat.  I don’t know why I always buy a million sandals every summer when I always turn back to my closed toe, fall intended styles. Or in this instance because I wanted to serve Little House on the Prairie realness?