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The double denim trend is hitting hard, and the question of the moment seems to be, “how do you wear denim on denim (and not look totally insane)?”.

Phew…I have the answer.

So here’s the deal…I’ve been loving this look for a long time. I’m a total sucker for tonal looks in general- so chic! Denim on denim always seemed like a natural choice! Look at it like this; you would wear white on white to P’Diddy’s white party, right?  Black on black is like….totally NYC power woman-duh. So, why not denim on denim?!

Here are my simple tips for getting the look right:

1) Tonal-cool! Same exact shade…not so cool.  We live in a world of a million denim washes, which makes it pretty easy to find separates that pair together perfectly.  I suggest pieces with washes 3-5 shades apart from one another.  So you can do light with medium/light or medium/dark with dark.  Here I’m doing light (chambray) with medium/light

2) Get washes with depth.  Listen, I LOVE a clean, true blue denim-perfect for a polished look! But the denim on denim trend?  It’s meant to be easy, relaxed, street inspired so super sleek denim need not apply.  Instead, look for pieces that have “love”. Rips, fades, whiskering-basically any piece in which you can identify multiple shades.  These are going to blend effortlessly back to one another.  So, you see here how I have the unevenly bleached shirt paired back to the distressed denim shorts?  Notice how parts of the top actually match the rips in the shorts BUT overall they are different washes.

3) Break it up!  Throw a belt on there to keep the eye from seeing one piece with a different color top and bottom.

4) Lastly-keep it casual!  Throw on an easy pair of shoes (Converse are having a big moment again…I say get a pair and show them some love…worn in looks amazingly cool!), a fab bag, some great shades, a couple funky bracelets, and you’re all set!

Keep messaging me with some other confusing trends that you’d like to see broken down!