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Gigi New York Bag c/o//Joe’s Jeans Denim Shirt//J Brand Jeans//Jami Ring and Pendant c/o//Forever 21 Plaid Scarf//Belle by Sigerson Morrison Boots

Happy Friday lovers! I hope whatever corner of the world you find yourself in while reading this is as beautiful as it is here in North Carolina.  I do miss New York, I cannot deny that for a minute but DAY-UM this weather is off the chain!  It’s been 70+ and sunny all week and I’m just loving it.

What is it about the south that feels so classic?  Is it the old fashioned manners?  The slower pace?  The fact that norm-core hasn’t seemed to hit these folks yet?  Whatever it is, it’s refreshing.  I know that it’s very anti-NYC of me to admit but I’m telling you, take an extended stay in the south and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Since I always let my current state of mind direct my fashion choices, today I’m following that classic vibe and delivering to you what I consider classic Americana. This look reminds me of everything I love about this land we live in although I can’t quite explain why.  It does evoke that spirit of Americana fashion that we’ve come to know and love from greats like Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger.  I kind of feel like I should have a boat or a horse somewhere in the background come to think of it… Funny enough I styled another denim on denim look a long while back wearing this same shirt. Check it out here.  Is it me or does the former feel very urban in comparison to this?

Have the best weekend of your life.